Beavers are nocturnal, semi aquatic rodents. In fact, they are the largest North American rodent. They are renowned for their ability to fell trees, build large dams, and lodges. They inhabit the waterways of every North American state and Canadian province. While they do serve a purpose in the ecology of our state, uncontrolled beaver populations on private lands can result in extensive property damage and potential injury as landscaping features are damaged.

Families of beavers can wreak havoc on your Lake of the Ozarks property, and they are very territorial once established in an area. That is why it is so important to call the professionals at Adair’s Animal Nuisance Trapping to take care of your beaver problem. Our experienced team of trappers will evict these damage-causing rodents from your property, remove unstable trees to minimize danger to people and pets, and help prevent further damage.