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August 9, 2016
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Copperhead snake

Copperhead snake

I think that the Copperhead snake is very mysterious. I have encountered this snake many times and every time I meet up with him I treat him with the utmost respect. We have five venomous snakes out of approximately 50 species in the state. No one has ever died from a Copperhead bite as far as we know but I would not let that fact keep me from being cautious when in their presence. The snake in the picture was caught by my head trapper technician and he caught three snakes all in the same trap. The other two snakes were water snakes. He had a story to tell, as he put all three snakes in the 5 gallon container to translocate them, I text him and asked him to take a picture of the snakes. So he opened the lid to the container and the copperhead decided he no longer wanted to cooperate. The snake struck at the lid of the container (which my tech had a hold of) with such force that it knocked it out of his hand. Needless to say the element of fear in my techs mind escalated, not to mention his new helper. One small fact that most people are unaware of is that all Missouri snakes are protected, in other words it is illegal to kill snakes, even the venomous ones. Enjoy the mysteries of all our reptiles and treat them all with respect.

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