The Virginia opossum are unique critters; they are our only North American marsupials. I have witnessed up to 13 babies in one pouch of a momma opossum, this was spectacular. These guys really look mean, but they are not as dangerous as one might imagine. They seam to be the nomads of the Midwest, roaming for food, mainly scavengers eating and cleaning up nature’s messes. They are plentiful in the Lake of the Ozarks area and will help themselves to your dog and cat food, if you feed outside on the porch. They have sometimes found their way into attics and walls of homes or buildings and not been able to find a way back out. Around the Lake Ozark area opossums may come through your yard on a regular basis. You may not see them because they roam at night (nocturnal), but I promise you they are around.

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