Mothballs – Did You Know…
August 9, 2016

Armadillos have been very busy this year making enemies of all natives of the lake area. Gardens, lawns, flower beds, mulch beds, and landscapes everywhere. The drought has caused many to migrate towards man made landscapes that are being irrigated. We have found the best way to humanely deal with the armadillo is to live trap them and remove them from where they are causing damage. I think the armadillo is here to stay and in great numbers. Many are killed on our highways and its main local predators are the coyote, bobcat, raccoons, large hawks, and birds of prey will sometimes get a meal. If you need armadillo control at your Lake of the Ozarks home, call the professionals at Adair’s Animal Nuisance Trapping.

Ten Armadillos Facts:

1.They are omnivores (but a diet mainly of insects).

2. Favorite food is Ants.

3. They can walk under water.

4. They can hold their breath for 6 minutes.

5. They sleep 18.5 hours a day.

6. They cannot see very well

7. Their sense of smell is highly developed.

8. Closest relative is the sloth.

9. The can roll up into a ball like a roly-poly.

10. They always give birth to quadruplets.

Armadillo Control and removal at Lake of the Ozarks

Armadillo Control and removal

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